Resurfacing Memories [poem]

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I’ve not thought of you for a long time,

I’ve been living my life having moved on,

Then the memory hits me of when you were mine,

And I’m sent spiralling, remembering you’re gone.

It comes out of nowhere,

It hits me like a train,

Haunting my memory,

Bringing back the pain.

My love for you hasn’t diminished,

Part of your soul is still entwined with mine,

The dreams of you will never be finished,

You hold my heart to the end of time.

As long as you hold part of me with you,

You’ll never be alone,

I’ll live in your heart,

I’ll live in your soul,

Your memory holds back the toxic thoughts,

Saving me every day.

I miss you,

I love you,

Through the pain, the resurfacing memories,

Give me the strength to carry on,

Waiting for the day you come back to me.

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