New Challenge

I am going to try a new thing tonight I am going to start writing for ten minutes straight with no clue what I am about to say just whatever my fingers decide to say.


And the ten minutes start NOW:

Apparently today has been national unicorn day?? Who knew that was a thing it was really random when I discovered this on twitter today.

No, I don’t know why this is a thing but how many of you reading this know that the national animal of Scotland is in fact the Unicorn?

See I bet you didn’t know that. it is a random thing to have as your national anima but hey it’s cool.

Image result for national unicorn day

What else has been going on? Well I am still unemployed, no prospects of employment but on the other hand I should find out if I am going to get the funding to go forward with the training to be a driving instructor so that’s something.

Also, I got an intriguing message the other day someone wants to commission me to write stories for their website, I have to admit this came out of the blue and we are currently in negotiations and ironing out details but I’m excited to get on with this.

The midget is still going strong she’s getting bigger every day, but she is now not letting a night go by where she isn’t in bed with us, HOW CAN SOMEONE SO TINY TAKE UP SO MUCH ROOM?

What else to write? Ehm… oh I went and seen Ready Player One on Saturday it’s a good film, but tragically I have read the book multiple times and I really like it and the film well let’s just say that It keeps to the same story for about 10 minutes then the whole book got thrown out of the window.

They don’t even keep all of the characters names the same. And one of the most pivotal deaths in the book, which spurs on the protagonist to keep fighting is completely deleted what a waste

But that’s not to say it’s a bad film it is a good film its just a terrible adaptation.

Ehm this is harder than I thought it would be I’ve got 3 minutes left what else do I have to say? I thought this would feel rushed and I do a little I’m just spouting rubbish now.

In one months’ time it I will officially be one-year smoke free. I stopped smoking in may last year and that’s almost one year off the cigarettes.

So, yay me.

I did an online test the other day to see if I could pass the theory driving test again. I haven’t looked at any materials for this since I was 18 and have seen nothing of this for years so I have to do the test again for being a driving instructor and I sat an online test and I scored….



And that’s time.


Well that was a fun ten minutes not as bad as I thought it would be but yeah, I did have struggle a little in the middle there.

I would love to see if anyone else wants to try this and see what they come up with if you do it let me know

Cheers colin

I hope this was in some way coherent if not well I’ll try harder next time.


4 thoughts on “New Challenge

  1. Cyranny says:

    It is a bit too late to try it now, but I’ll give it a go tomorrow 🙂 Sounds like fun… Does it have to be about my day to day life, or can it be fiction?


    Liked by 1 person

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