I’ll be brief

Things have been a bit rough recently. I’ve been dealing with some issues in my life and I haven’t really had a lot of time or motivation to write anything.

So, here’s what has been happening.

I’ll keep this brief.

I’ve been trying to pass my theory test so that I can progress with my training to be a driving instructor. So far, I have sat it twice and fucked it up both times. The thing that really pisses me off is that the section that I failed on BOTH TIMES I pass it every single fucking time that I sit at home, but when I get to the test centre I fuck it right up. TWICE.

I have another attempt coming up and if I don’t pass it fuck knows what I’m going to do as it costs £82 each time and I’m out of cash if I don’t pass this time I’m fucked.


I’ve been applying for part-time jobs and I can’t catch a fucking break and actually get one of them. Today I actually got feedback from one of them and they didn’t give me the job purely because I can’t be 100% flexible due to the fact I don’t have childcare two days a week. (can only afford three days)

I did say that if I have enough notice I can re-arrange the days and be flexible, but their thinking is that if someone called in sick on the day that I don’t have childcare then I couldn’t cover a shift.

Its bullshit but I appreciated the fact that they actually got back to me and actually told me that I didn’t get the job, instead of just leaving me hanging. Which is what everyone else has done.

I think the fact that they did this made me not as bothered that I didn’t get the job.

I mean how fucking hard is it to send someone an email to say sorry you haven’t been offered the job?

I take all the time to apply, fill out an application, do a phone interview then go for a face to face interview and you can’t even send me a lousy email?

Screw you.

Lastly, I said in my last post that I have been having some health issues.

Well it turns out I’m diabetic and have extremely high blood pressure.

So that’s fun.

Also I’m now 34 and feel old as fuck.

That’s all for now

Catch you sometime.

5 thoughts on “I’ll be brief

  1. Cyranny says:

    :/ Well… hmmm… hugs? I’m good at that, and it can’t hurt. xx
    Also, your post made me think about this… but I am not taking your situation lightly, I just like the song 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Cyranny says:

        I’ll send you a bagfull, Colin! You can take one whenever you need it…. And if you use them all, let me know, I’ll refill it 🙂 xx


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