Oh I hate being in this position.

I never thought I would ever, in my life, write a post like this.

As I am writing this I’m not even sure if I will post it or not I actually hate myself a little for even thinking about this but here goes.


As anyone who has even so much as glanced at my blog over the last 18 months you will know that since May last year I have been unemployed.

I have spent the last year at home as a full time stay at home dad and I have loved every minute I have spent with my daughter but now things are getting tight with money and I’ve been trying to get a job, interview after interview and I keep getting rejected.

So I decided to train to be a driving instructor.

This is harder than I thought it would be, I am trying to pass my Theory test (part one of the training) but I keep failing it in one section when I go to the test centre. The thing that is driving me insane is the fact that when I go through the test on my own I pass it every single time.

I have no idea what the problem is when I go sit the official test but I keep coming up short. I am at my wits end and I have no freaking clue why the hell I can’t pass it.

I am not going to stop trying, I’m too stubborn and this is what I want to do.


The problem is that because I am not working I have run out of cash and now I can’t afford to pay to re-sit the test.

I have been lucky so far as I got a tax rebate a couple of months ago but that has now dried up, I’ve started doing some work online doing transcriptions but that’s hardly paying anything. I work on a 10-minute file to transcribe, it took me nearly 2 and a half hours and all I got paid as $7 and that dropped to £5 when it was converted.

So that’s basically salve labour.

I need to get this test passed (then find another £111 to sit part 2) but not working has completely debilitated my ability to pay for, and you know buy food, this brings me back to hating myself for doing this but I’m running out of options.


I know this will be asking a lot and honestly, I don’t expect anyone to actually do it but I’m taking the shot.

If you would be so kind and have the ability to help me out I would forever be in your debt, if you can help in anyway there is a link below for my KO-FI account any help would be greatly appreciated.


I truly hate myself for doing this but I’m doing it for my family so that I can keep a roof over our heads.


I’m going to stop talking here as I’m hating myself more the more I write so I’m just going to stop.

Thank you

If I post this it will probably be deleted not long after



15 thoughts on “Oh I hate being in this position.

  1. reblogged and said “such a sweet man. If you can, please either share or help by buying a cuppa joe.”
    Hope it works out. after all, people supported me when I had to replace a floor heater.

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  2. Reblogged this on My Inner MishMash and commented:

    Here’s a post from Colin. He’s going through a hard time in his life, but despite he is really determined, he needs our support. So if you can help, please do get him a cuppa, or share his post so that more people know and can help. 🙂

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