Dwelling on the past.

Everyone wants something.

It could be money, food, power, love or even sex.

We long for what we can’t have, we long for what we have lost, we worry about what may come.

There is no pain greater than the loss of love, except that of what could have been.

It may be a cliché to say, but, it’s not the times that we fall that we regret the most, it’s the times we never took the chance.

We all sit and dwell on the missed opportunities.

We are reminiscent of the memories we have and ponder over the ones never made.

We have to move forward.

If we don’t we are doomed to suffer.

You will never have what your heart desires, what you truly hunger for, if you are always looking backwards into your past.

[This, I’m not really sure what to call it, was inspired by the above picture drawn by the inimitable Kira Scribbles. She has a really weird brain but it’s awesome. Anyway, when I saw it this is what came to mind. hope you like it.]

16 thoughts on “Dwelling on the past.

  1. thereluctantpoet says:

    Really a great post! Loved the truth! Seems as humans though we often know the truth but fail to act accordingly, starting with the story of Adam and Eve?? Ha! Letting go and moving on isn’t always as easy as you would think it should be. Bravo, My Friend, Bravo!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Colin says:

      Why thank you, I am glad you liked it.
      Letting go and moving on is incredibly hard it is something I still deal with from time to time after 3 years though it’s getting easier.
      Thanks for stopping by.


        1. Colin says:

          Oh I know that feeling well, it’s horrible when you just can’t stop yourself.
          I hope my ramblings helped in even a small way


            1. Colin says:

              That’s great the fight is the hard part, also it can be the fun part if you don’t let it overwhelm you.
              If you liked this one I have many other things along the same lines feel free to explore and any feedback would be appreciated


    1. Colin says:

      I’m glad you approve.
      When I seen the pictures originally it was the last line that popped into my head.
      I’m guessing that was absolutely nowhere near what you were thinking when drawing it.


      1. kirascribbled says:

        I absolutely do! But I really usually have no plot or story in mind when I draw. Its more about shapes and what singular parts jump into my head. Like “hey there’s dead space right here….how about a chunky fellow blowing into this hoop i made for no reason…oh but I dont do faces well..hmm eyeball it is!


        1. Colin says:

          To be fair thats basically how I write.
          Your drawings are awesome and definitely weird as hell.
          This one, like I said, seemed to draw whatever that was I wrote out of me (really have no idea what to call that thing it’s not a story or a poem or a rant so God only knows)


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