We interrupt your scrolling to bring you some Breaking News.

In a shocking turn of events, that will shock absolutely nobody, it turns out that I am a complete and utter pushover when it comes to my daughter.

Tonight, we had to go shopping to buy a new litter tray for the cats as the wife broke the last one. We went to a shop called B&M, which basically sells anything you can think of.

So was wandering about, and the little one has not been too well recently, her back teeth are coming in and she has a cold as a result of this, which means she has been extra, extra clingy and huggy. so I thought I would buy her a wee present to cheer her up.

She is totally obsessed with the tv show Paw Patrol and has one of the pups as a teddy, she has Everest, so when walking around the shop I spotted some other ones on the shelf in the toy section, there were three of them. Chase Marshall and Skye.

I picked them off the shelf and held them out to her and asked which one she wanted.

You can guess what happened next right?


That’s right as you can see we got all three of them.

Yep, I’m a pushover.

Before you judge me. in my defence, you didn’t see the look of pure joy on her face when I showed her the toys. She grabbed them and started hugging them right there in the trolly. There is no way I could take them off her and break her wee heart.

So yeah I’m a pushover, but it was totally worth it.

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