Thinking By The Fire.

wanted to share this again

Welcome to my world.


Its that time of the year,

The time for remembering,

The time for celebrating,

The time to remember the love we once had,

The time to remember the love that is still there,

We were meant to be together,

It’s truly what I believe,

I knew this the day that we met,

I should have taken the chance,

I didn’t have the courage,

I wanted to be happy,

With the love of my life.

I know you are still here,

Keeping an eye on my life,

I should have asked the question,

And made you my wife,

You are the reason I’m still here,

But I wish I was there,

Things are different now,

We have both changed,

But I have trouble moving on,

I just keep remembering,

That you are gone,

Two long years,

Without you in my life,

It should have been different,

We should have been together,

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