It’s been a while since I was last here

Hello, it’s me and I’m here to have an angry rant.

Ok so this afternoon we went out to Asda to do a bit of shopping. Me, wifey & child.
She was walking holding the wifes hand in the shop.
This creepy looking Asian kid started circling round staring at the wee one. So I shoved the trolly towards him to get him to fuck off. He ran off. Kept seeing him around the shop. He was with his parents. But kept wandering off.
Wifey and kiddo went off to get bread I went go get juice.
I had the trolly.
Wife came back to get me, breadless, and told this kid kept circling them at the bread and twice tried to grab my daughter.
I saw red and wanted to knock the fucker out.
I stormed off seen the kid with his dad and told him what happened and he knew nothing about it he was shocked.
He told me the kid is autistic but I was still mad.
He then stood and shouted at the kid, the mother joined in, asking what he was doing they came and made him apologise for it but I’m sorry if you have a teenaged kid who is like that and by the dad’s own admission “has a thing for babies” the WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU LETTING HIM RUN AROUND THE SHOPS UNSUPERVISED

I might still be angry

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