I’m just talking about Star Wars.

Hello there,

The correct response to this greeting is “Ah, General Kenobi”

So, as you can probably guess, I have been watching a lot of Star Wars recently. Not so much the films, but the shows. I have just finished The Mandalorian and I am currently making my way through The Clone Wars and it has massively rekindled my love of Star Wars.

Don’t get me wrong I have loved the films for as long as I can remember but over the last few years the experience has been ruined for me by the sheer level of toxicity from the “fans”. Its come to the point that I have been afraid to talk to anyone about Star Wars at all because all I was getting back was “Oh, Star Wars is shit” “Disney Ruined it” “The Last Jedi is the worst thing ever in the world and you’re fucking stupid for liking it”

When The Rise of Skywalker was coming out I said to some friends that I was really excited for it and all I got was shit on for being excited for it.

Now was it the perfect film? No. Did it have flaws? Yes. But did I enjoy it? Yes.

So, anyway, back to my initial point the shows have brought it back to relevance in my life.

I cannot wait for the wee one to get old enough to watch the film but it’s been really nice to get back to something I have loved my whole life without the cynicism, without the hate, without the toxicity.

I don’t really know what the point of this is but I want a proper Lightsaber.

Its making me happy to feel the love for it again.

Can we go back to a world where people are allowed to like things and others don’t feel the need to shit all over everyone else’s happiness? Is that too much to ask?

This has basically been me doing a Star Wars brain vomit so that’s been that.


Thanks for stopping by.

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