Looking for a challenge

Hey everyone, I haven’t been really in the headspace recently for writing, and I want to try to get back into the swing of things. With that thought, I am looking for your help. If you would be so kind and are up for helping me I have a request. In the comments below can […]

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I won an award.

Last night I went to an awards ceremony. I had no idea why I was going, I didn’t know why I was invited or what I was nominated for. So I went along, being pretty clueless, and it turns out that I was nominated because I had published my first book on kindle. I got […]

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Today has been a big day for me. I kept this quiet because it happened so fast but I got a part time job, and I started working tonight. Its not much and it is only for a few weeks until the beginning of January and then ill be back in the same position, but […]

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Suggestions for a title. 

I have decided that I am going to publish a book containing some of the erotic short stories that I have written. This is the picture I’m using for the cover and I need to come up with a title for the book.  I am looking for suggestions can anyone help? 

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Fumbling with my keys in the door, I almost drop the bags of shopping that I am carrying, but I manage to get into the house and out of the sweltering heat. I quickly put the shopping away, the one thing I want more than anything else right now is a shower, it has been […]

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Bath Time

[It’s been a while, but I suddenly got inspired to write this story tonight. I hope you like it.] Saturdays used to be fun, we would go out to the pub for a few drinks, maybe see a film then come home and have sex for the rest of the night. But my work changed […]

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Lust in an Elevator (Reblog)

Today’s Daily Prompt is Lust. I have written a fair few erotic stories before so this is right up my ally unfortunately I seem to have lost the ability to write these stories at the moment so I thought I would Reblog one of my old ones for this prompt. I hope you like it. […]

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The Rain Comes Down

The rain comes down, Soaking the ground, We sit there watching it fall, Wondering what to do next, Looking over at you I see the sadness in your soul, I feel the depths of what’s been tormenting you, I’d give everything I have to take the pain away, You look up at me, blinking the […]

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This morning I hit 200 followers on WordPress and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all.  It means a lot to me that so many of you read my ramblings and stories.  I know it’s not much,considering how many there are on here, a drop in the ocean really, but […]

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They met at the station for the last time. Standing looking, longingly at each other “I love you.” She said. “I love you too, I always will. That’s why I have to step aside.” Sharing one last kiss as the train started to leave He watched tears in his eyes.   [I have just written […]

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I’m just done

I am thinking about giving up. Recently I have had no motivation to write, I have had no time to do it, and everything I have tried to write has been garbage. It is feeling forced and like I’m not enjoying it anymore. Writing used to be an escape for me, a way to deal […]

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How I Write

There are many different styles of writing, I have my own style as does everyone else. Trying to figure out your own style is the first rung to start climbing that ladder. Everyone will tell you the ideal way to write and what to do to make it flow properly, but unless you are a […]

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A Writing Challenge

Good afternoon my happy people, I hope you are all doing well. I have come up with a Challenge for all the writers out there. I want to see how many people would be up to the challenge. So I came up with this today when I was sitting googling random facts. I started off […]

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Outlier….. Daily Prompt

Todays daily prompt reminded me of a story idea I came up with years ago but never followed through with, I think I might have to look at it now this is the basic idea I’m an Outlier in the worst possible place to be one, I’m an Outlier in Hell. Not sure if I […]

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Spring Writing Event. Update

Just a quick update.   i have received a few submissions for the event and i will start posting them from monday onwards. i ahve been crazy busy with work so havent had a lot of time to do it yet. so from monday i will post the stories that i have recevied. and hopefully […]

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Another milestone

So I got a nice surprise when I woke up this morning.  The little one screamed for food and woke us up so the wife trundled off to feed her I picked up my phone and and seen this notification sitting there  All I can say is thank you so much for all your support […]

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This week I have hit a few milestones.  The first one after 9 years I have moved house. The flat I was in was a good home it’s where I lived when I got my cats, met my wife, had our daughter.  It’s been my home for a long time, but it’s time to move […]

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Good News – 100 Followers

This morning I woke up to a really nice surprise. Not only has my good friend Kira re-blogged my post about holding a writing event, and there seems to be a fair bit of interest in it that it’s giving me hope that it will be a good one So thank you, Kira. Not only […]

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Be My Guest….

I have decided I want to open up the floor a little, as they say. I have been asked by a few people if I would be willing to allow guest submissions to my blog, stories written by other people. So I have thought this over, and I figure why not? It can be something […]

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The Student.

Originally posted on Welcome to my world.:
I’ve only been teaching at this school for three months and already I love it the students are great and my god they are hot as hell. I feel terrible thinking these thoughts I’m a teacher for god sake I shouldn’t be having these thoughts about my students,…

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My Daughter hates me

I feel so completely useless, and I think my daughter hates me. Over the last few days she hasn’t been feeling well, took her to the doctors yesterday, and she has a viral stomach bug, because she is only five weeks old, they can’t give her anything. Due to this, she hasn’t been keeping anything […]

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The Nurse.

Originally posted on Welcome to my world.:
I wake up groggy and in utter agony. I try to open my eyes but I can’t there is nothing but darkness. I start to panic and thrash around, but I find that I can’t move my legs I shout in fear “Help! What the hell has happened…

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Year one

I set up this blog exactly one year ago at the suggestion of a friend of mine. We were both using an app that allowed you to post your stories and different things on it but it was heavily censored and frustrating as hell. So I set up this blog so that I could post […]

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Daily Prompt: Someday

Losing someone who is in your heart is one of the hardest things you can go through. Whiter it’s through them passing away or just not being in your life anymore. But as long as you keep them in your heart the world never truly leave you. Someday in the future you will wake up […]

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Mystery Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by an insanely talented writer and all around great person. I want to say a big thank you for all of her help and this honour. Not only is she a great blogger but I also class her as a friend Kira Scribbled. Not only does […]

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Singles Cruise

Kayla stood in front of the mirror and looked herself over. She couldn’t believe that it was herself looking back at her. Even she had to admit that she looked good in the sexy Red Riding-Hood costume, complete with knee high lace up boots, short red skirt; with a frilly white slip that made it […]

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Selling work, Pen Names

I have made the decision that I am going to gather together my stories into different collections and put them on sale on Amazon for the Kindle, I will be putting up links on here for anyone who may want to buy them I think it could be interesting to see if anyone wants to […]

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The New Girl Behind the Bar

It’s a Wednesday night, I look around my empty flat and realise that I have to get out otherwise I’m going to go stir crazy, I quickly jump in the shower, get dressed and head down to the pub for a couple of drinks. When I walk in there is the usual bunch of regulars, […]

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The Tease – At The Movies

“Josh, hurry up.” Olivia shouts at me “The movie is about to start and you know I hate going in late.” I smile at her impatience, she is always like this when we go to the cinema. She is like a big kid at Christmas. “I’m coming don’t worry we won’t miss the start of […]

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The Tease – Shower Time

It’s been a long week at work, all I want to do is spend the weekend with Olivia relaxing. I get home to find our house empty, I make my way up to the bedroom, strip off and jump in the shower. The water cascades down over me, washing away the stress of the day […]

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The Tease – Date Night

“So where are you taking me tonight?” Olivia asks, I look at her, “I was thinking out for dinner then have a few drinks and see here the night takes us. What do you think?” “Sounds perfect.” Two hours later I’m standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Olivia to get ready. I […]

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The Tease – Working Lunch

Mondays are always so boring at work, I go in do nothing for an hour then go to a meeting and sit for the rest of the day trying to look busy. The day when the same as normal until I got called into my boss’s office just before lunch. I knock on his door, […]

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The Tease

It’s been a long day at work sitting in an office staring at a computer screen or running back and forth to the printer. It was around one pm when Olivia started to torment me. Olivia is my girlfriend we have been together for three years, but she has been working away for the last […]

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Spanish Translation Books

A magnificent friend of mine has asked me to post this to help promote some books that she has been working translating from English in to Spanish. So me being me naturally jumped at the chance to help out a friend in need. If anyone who reads my blog speaks Spanish and would be interested […]

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Making Changes In Life – Am I Crazy?

On Friday I made a decision to go back to school. Anyone who follows my blog knows that I’m trying to be a writer and that I dabble a bit in writing with my stories and that I’m working on a novel or two. (you can read the first two chapters here https://scottishlegendwordpress.com/2016/08/30/journeys-end-chapter-one/ https://scottishlegendwordpress.com/2016/09/07/journeys-end-chapter-two/) I’ve […]

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Reunited: The Hotel

[Authors note: I have been working on this story for a long time and is a follow-up to “The Hotel.” Of all the stories I have written, this is the one that I have been asked: “what happened next?” It has been taken me some time to write this and get it just right so […]

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Pending Fatherhood & Fears

This week is a big week for me in my life. As I’ve said before in my posts, my wife is pregnant with our first child and to say that I’m a little nervous would be the understatement of the century. We had a scan this week, and I got to see the wee one […]

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Friday Night Storm

It was a long day, having been at work for ten hours working my ass off I was so glad that it was Friday and that I could just go home and chill out for the night. My plans for the evening were simple: Home, Shower, take out and Ps4 then sleep. I have been […]

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I just checked my all time stats, and I’m overwhelmed by the response that my little blog has received. I have only been blogging since January, and I never thought that so many people would like my writing (and to a lesser extent my ramblings) I started this blog as a way to develop, my […]

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Writers Block

This isn’t a normal post that I would normally put up here. I have been working on a new story but in suffering from massive Writers Block just now. i just cant seen to get it going properly and for it to make sense i have no idea where im going with it. I’m hoping […]

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Second Chance

[Note: this story was written by a friend of mine I hope you like it as much as I do if you want to read more check her blog jenga32.blogspot.com] “Colin, man you’re hopeless!” Charles exclaimed, shaking his head in disgust. “Can’t you tell she was totally in to you?” he continued as he picked […]

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The Conference

She walks into the conference centre, as a fit of dread washed over her. ‘Why did it have to be me that got sent to this?’ she thinks to herself as she looks around the hall that will be her prison for the next four days. ‘It was meant to be that bitch Tracey that […]

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Night Out

‘I can’t believe I’m doing this.’ I think to myself. ‘I haven’t been out for months, and honestly, I don’t want to go out tonight either.’ I look into the mirror and check the dress that I’m wearing a modest black dress showing off some slight cleavage but not a lot. I stand there looking […]

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A Chance Encounter

Walking down the street of Edinburgh I feel like I am being followed, looking over my shoulder a few times to see if there is anyone, but I can’t pick anyone out of the crowd. I keep walking and try to shrug it off as paranoia. I head to a coffee shop to get out […]

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The Hotel

I get off the plane in the Netherlands and head through the airport. It’s been a long few days, just three days ago I was standing in the church waiting to get married to the woman that I thought loved me, and she didn’t show up. It was horrible to be standing there in front […]

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The Devils In The Details.

She sits in the waiting rooms waiting for her appointment. The waiting room is sparse and but the comfortable. She sits there wondering what she is doing there. It’s been twenty minutes since she arrived and started panicking. “No, I can’t do this,” she says, standing up and heading to the door. Just as she […]

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It’s a cold night, and we are out for a night out as you wanted to go and see the fireworks that were going on tonight. It’s cloudy, and we are sitting in front of the roaring bonfire you are cuddling into me trying to get warmed up, and I have my arms wrapped around […]

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Lust In An Elevator

I’m sitting there in the meeting from hell. I mean come on could this day get any worse. I have no idea what the CEO is going on about and this point I couldn’t care less. I look about the conference room trying to stay awake, that’s when I see her. She is sitting on […]

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Finally Together

You wake up in the morning to a knocking at your front door. You look at your watch and see that it is 7.30 am. You think to yourself if you ignore it they will go away, but the knocking continues. You drag yourself out of bed complaining all the way that’s it’s cold and […]

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Driving at night

We are out for a drive heading nowhere in particular just enjoying the trip. I look over at you, and you just look so beautiful sitting there. Your hair shining as we pass the under the street lights. I realise just how much I love you. I pull off the main road and drive through […]

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Coming Home

I come home from a long day studying for my exam that is coming up in the next couple of weeks. I walk into the house, and I can hear you singing from the kitchen I slowly creep through the house, and I see you standing by the sink with your headphones in and you […]

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The Nurse

I wake up groggy and in utter agony. I try to open my eyes but I can’t there is nothing but darkness. I start to panic and thrash around, but I find that I can’t move my legs I shout in fear “Help! What the hell has happened to me? I’m blind, and I can’t […]

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In public

It’s a beautiful warm sunny day, and you have decided that we should go out for the day. We get in the car, and I drive us down to the coast so that we can spend the day at the beach. While we drive, you are singing along with the radio, and all I can […]

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She had been a bad girl.

You wake up in the morning to the sound of your alarm going off. You reach over to turn it off, but you can’t you find that your hands have been firmly secured to the headboard. You can’t see either as there is a silk scarf tied around your eyes. You try to sit up, […]

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After Shower

I come home from work, and you are nowhere to be seen. I let out a slight sigh, it’s been a really long day, and I just want to see you. I’ve missed you more than I thought I would. It’s amazing how close we have become in such a short time. I go upstairs […]

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One night in Mexico

On a driving tour across Mexico and me and my friends decide to stop off for a couple of nights. The place that we stop is Playa Del Carmen it’s a beautiful beach area, and we book into a hotel and my friends completely crash out for the night. I’m not tired at all, so […]

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What a wake up call

I’ve been up all night studying for an exam I have coming up in psychology, and I’ve fallen asleep at the desk it’s been a long evening, and I’m so tired I can resist anymore so I just lay back and fell asleep in the chair. I have a fantastic dream you have come back […]

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The Gym Encounter

It’s a Friday night, and my plans have fallen through so I decide to go to the gym so I didn’t have to go home to an empty flat. When I get there, I go straight to the changing rooms, but there is a sign on the door saying that they are closed due to […]

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I can’t sleep; this is the night I’ve been waiting for. It’s been 6 months since I last seen Eric, I’ve been craving his touch, and I know that tonight is the last time I can have him. He is getting married in the morning to some bitch that his mother set him up with. […]

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The Student

I’ve only been teaching at this school for three months and already I love it the students are great and my god they are hot as hell. I feel terrible thinking these thoughts I’m a teacher for god sake I shouldn’t be having these thoughts about my students, but there is one in particular and […]

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The Cabin in the Woods

Going away for the weekend was your idea and turns out it was a great one. We arrived out at the cabin that I had rented for us and started unpacking. I’ve never been much of a fan of nature being a city boy, but I can appreciate the quiet, you, on the other hand, […]

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