What changed?

I know I haven’t been around a lot recently, things have been different for a while now. We don’t talk like we used too, I’ve felt you growing more and more distant, you are sad all the time and nothing I do seems to shake it from your depression. I wish you would talk to […]

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Dwelling on the past.

Everyone wants something. It could be money, food, power, love or even sex. We long for what we can’t have, we long for what we have lost, we worry about what may come. There is no pain greater than the loss of love, except that of what could have been. It may be a cliché […]

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The Package

It had been a long day and all Luke wanted to do was go home, have a hot shower and then collapse in front of the tv and watch a good film. Work had been hellish dealing he had to deal with all of the angry customers today in the shop and one of them […]

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Looking for a challenge

Hey everyone, I haven’t been really in the headspace recently for writing, and I want to try to get back into the swing of things. With that thought, I am looking for your help. If you would be so kind and are up for helping me I have a request. In the comments below can […]

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I won an award.

Last night I went to an awards ceremony. I had no idea why I was going, I didn’t know why I was invited or what I was nominated for. So I went along, being pretty clueless, and it turns out that I was nominated because I had published my first book on kindle. I got […]

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Years from now….

[I wrote this story back in November and I read it again last night at The Writing Group that I joined last year and I thought that I would tweak it and repost it for valentines day. Enjoy.] One day, far in the future, living life the only way we will know how. Alone. Both […]

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How did it end up like this?

  ‘How did it end up like this? It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss?’ I’ve been thinking about these words for a while now, the resonate deep within my soul. When I got home last night, I climbed into bed thinking about these words. It was a fantastic night. I met […]

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Years from now…

One day, far in the future, living life the only way we will know how. Alone. Both of us will be making our way through the world waiting to see what life will throw at us next. You, in your world. Me, in mine. I’ll be making my way across the courtyard of the shopping […]

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Today has been a big day for me. I kept this quiet because it happened so fast but I got a part time job, and I started working tonight. Its not much and it is only for a few weeks until the beginning of January and then ill be back in the same position, but […]

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Mirror Reflection

Someone is looking back at me in the mirror, that person isn’t me. They are a being unto themselves. She looks like me, but She isn’t quite me. She has been following me in the mirror for five years now, ever since I lost my way in life, things changed then, I changed the direction […]

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Alone in the dark

[I have mentioned before that I have found a writing group. I went last night and there was an exercise to write a story one line at a time with another person based on the first line, in this case “Alone in the dark” this is what we came up with. It’s not what I […]

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The Call

{This is a story that I have been working on for a week or so now. I am trying to get back into writing, it’s been a while since I’ve written much, so this is my first attempt in a while. I am branching out into horror, this is a work in progress I hope […]

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I need help with something

Hello my lovely friends. I need some help. As many of you may know, I have written a novel (I may have mentioned this before) and I sent it off to a publisher who actually offered me a contract to publish it. But the shower of bastards, who wanted to “Partner” with me by charging […]

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A Tale of Woe. 

A few years ago I was seeing a someone and one night I decided I was going to propose to my girlfriend.  I had it all arranged, we were sitting in the porch and I was about to pop the question when a friend of mine, Joseph, appeared, drunk, he tripped and fell face first […]

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The Gate (100-word story)

The gate at the end of the garden has always bothered me. It’s been locked for as long as I can remember, whenever I get close to it, it starts to glow red. There is no reason for this to happen and no one else can see it. One day I decided enough was enough […]

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This morning I hit 200 followers on WordPress and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all.  It means a lot to me that so many of you read my ramblings and stories.  I know it’s not much,considering how many there are on here, a drop in the ocean really, but […]

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Ding round two. BATTLE TIME. 

The battle is heating up Cyranny upped the anti last night. Now it’s my turn.  Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen it’s time for take off.  You may notice there has been slight change to the crew.  Welcome aboard purrrrrfect air  Will not check you in and see you to your seats.  if you would like any drinks […]

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Kids are creepy as hell

Anyone who has even glanced at my blog will know that I have a six month old baby girl.  Now until she was born I’ve never really liked kids. They are a bit insane and creepy at times.  Today I came across these stories. Now these are creepy  Fair Warning these may make you cringe with fear […]

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Where to go next?

I might be on the cusp of getting my first book published and it has got me thinking about a sequel. When I finished the first novel I did start a follow up to it but I have changed it so much since then that it no longer fits with the original story. So I […]

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They met at the station for the last time. Standing looking, longingly at each other “I love you.” She said. “I love you too, I always will. That’s why I have to step aside.” Sharing one last kiss as the train started to leave He watched tears in his eyes.   [I have just written […]

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I’m just done

I am thinking about giving up. Recently I have had no motivation to write, I have had no time to do it, and everything I have tried to write has been garbage. It is feeling forced and like I’m not enjoying it anymore. Writing used to be an escape for me, a way to deal […]

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How I Write

There are many different styles of writing, I have my own style as does everyone else. Trying to figure out your own style is the first rung to start climbing that ladder. Everyone will tell you the ideal way to write and what to do to make it flow properly, but unless you are a […]

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Inside the mind of Patient Zero

‘At the beginning of the twenty-first century everyone seemed to be obsessed with zombies, there were dozens of films, TV shows, books and games dedicated to the genre of a zombie apocalypse. Everyone, myself included, had their own zombie survival plan ‘What we would do in the event of the outbreak of the virus that […]

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A Writing Challenge

Good afternoon my happy people, I hope you are all doing well. I have come up with a Challenge for all the writers out there. I want to see how many people would be up to the challenge. So I came up with this today when I was sitting googling random facts. I started off […]

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Law = Dumbledore?

This isn’t the typical kind of post I would do, but I wanted to write about this. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Loved the Books and the Films are good. I’ve been on the Studio Tour, and that was awesome, and I loved Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them I’ve been at […]

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Outlier….. Daily Prompt

Todays daily prompt reminded me of a story idea I came up with years ago but never followed through with, I think I might have to look at it now this is the basic idea I’m an Outlier in the worst possible place to be one, I’m an Outlier in Hell. Not sure if I […]

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The Last Battle

The night at the club had been a bust, Robin walked home feeling really dejected, her friends had all abandoned in favour of hooking up with random strangers. She had been looking forward to a night of dancing and maybe a little flirtation with barman to get a few free drinks, but after an hour […]

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Spring Writing Event. Update

Just a quick update.   i have received a few submissions for the event and i will start posting them from monday onwards. i ahve been crazy busy with work so havent had a lot of time to do it yet. so from monday i will post the stories that i have recevied. and hopefully […]

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Beta Readers wanted.

I am looking for three or four Beta Readers to help me with my novel. Ideal I would be looking for someone with experience in writing and editing to read over my manuscript and check for any errors and plot holes. If you are interested contact me and let me know if this is something […]

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Another milestone

So I got a nice surprise when I woke up this morning.  The little one screamed for food and woke us up so the wife trundled off to feed her I picked up my phone and and seen this notification sitting there  All I can say is thank you so much for all your support […]

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This week I have hit a few milestones.  The first one after 9 years I have moved house. The flat I was in was a good home it’s where I lived when I got my cats, met my wife, had our daughter.  It’s been my home for a long time, but it’s time to move […]

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Good News – 100 Followers

This morning I woke up to a really nice surprise. Not only has my good friend Kira re-blogged my post about holding a writing event, and there seems to be a fair bit of interest in it that it’s giving me hope that it will be a good one So thank you, Kira. Not only […]

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Be My Guest….

I have decided I want to open up the floor a little, as they say. I have been asked by a few people if I would be willing to allow guest submissions to my blog, stories written by other people. So I have thought this over, and I figure why not? It can be something […]

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Year one

I set up this blog exactly one year ago at the suggestion of a friend of mine. We were both using an app that allowed you to post your stories and different things on it but it was heavily censored and frustrating as hell. So I set up this blog so that I could post […]

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Mystery Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by an insanely talented writer and all around great person. I want to say a big thank you for all of her help and this honour. Not only is she a great blogger but I also class her as a friend Kira Scribbled. Not only does […]

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Somethings Coming….

Sitting in the University library studying for my upcoming final exam I think to myself ‘I’m never going to understand this.’ Studying engineering had seemed like a great idea, I always loved building things, and this was an excellent way to get into this as a career. I’ve spent four years studying my ass off […]

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Daily Prompt: Bespoke (Poem)

You’ll know the range, you’ll know the strain, what is to come is not for the main, I made concession, I made the change, I made myself bespoke and rather strange, Tying myself in knots, just to see you smile, pushing too far, going on for miles, The strangeness intensified as I made the range […]

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Fate of the Demon (#Halloween2016)

I have taken part in the Halloween event hosted by thecrackedlensview.wordpress.com This is my entry Fate of the Demon, hope you all like it   The sisterhood is gathering for the All Hallows Eve celebration. It’s the one night a year that they all come together regardless of what’s happening in their lives. Raven has […]

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Daily Prompt: Underground

via Daily Prompt: Underground   [When ever I see the word underground my mind always goes to The Wombles and the song so I decided to write this mad capped short story about Wombles so enjoy…..if you don’t know what a Womble is they are in the picture and I’ve put the link fro the […]

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Daily Prompt: Clumsy

via Daily Prompt: Clumsy When I saw today’s prompt, I knew I had the perfect story for and had to share.   This is a true story from my past and to me is the embodiment of my clumsiness (and general bad luck)   When I was 21 I was working in a call centre […]

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