The Space Between Us.

The images your memory conjures no longer causes pain, The memory of you lingers in my heart, I will always hold you close, I will never truly let you go, But you no longer haunt my soul, You live within me, Giving me strength, Giving me power, Together in memory, There is nothing we can’tContinue reading “The Space Between Us.”

We are our stories

Everyone has a story to tell, Some are epic some are simple, We all want our story to be known, Even if it’s just to those we love, Most keep them to themselves, Others shout it from the rooftops, No matter how you handle your story, It’s personal to you, Some won’t care, Some willContinue reading “We are our stories”

Interesting day

It has been another busy day today. It was a good day as well as one of interesting situations that I need to think about. First off, we, the wife and I, took the little one out for the day. We decided that we would go shopping since I got my last pay from myContinue reading “Interesting day”

Writers Block, Being Injured, The Past, The Present, The Future

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything on here, this is because I am suffering wildly from writer’s block so much so that it’s doing my head in. I have seven stories half finished that I just can’t seem to get right and for some reason, the motivation isn’t there to write themContinue reading “Writers Block, Being Injured, The Past, The Present, The Future”