Christmas Cats 

I am normally not a huge fan of Christmas. The over saturation of it and the fact it starts getting rammed down your throat form September really annoys me. But this year it is the little ones first proper Christmas so I’ll indulge Here are some Christmas Cats and a baby 

God damn cats cost me so much money today.

Pfft. Today has been an expensive day thanks to the cats. It started off as a good day, the little one stayed at my mum’s last night so we could have a break. Last night we watched The Mummy with Tom Cruise and it was utter crap then we watched Creed which is an awesome…

Place holder.

I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days but fear not gentle readers I am working on something that is an incredibly personal reflection on my life and will hopefully help deal with somethings. But it’s taking time. So in the mean time have this I shall return soon

Ding round two. BATTLE TIME. 

The battle is heating up Cyranny upped the anti last night. Now it’s my turn.  Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen it’s time for take off.  You may notice there has been slight change to the crew.  Welcome aboard purrrrrfect air  Will not check you in and see you to your seats.  if you would like any drinks…

Battle time. 

Ok so I have taken up a meme war with Cyranny over at The Cove.  You’ve met your Match when it comes to cat memes my friend  You think you can beat me in a cat meme battle?  I’m bringing out the big guns  You don’t want to mess with Mr Tibbles Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hooman. It’s almost…

It’s a weird place. Pt 2

A couple of weeks ago I made a post saying that Australia is a weird place where everything is trying to kill you, and that the country itself looks like a cat and a dogs head smashed together.  Here is that picture again  I maintain what I said before but tonight I have seen this picture and […]

We both knew it wouldn’t last (A One Hundred Word Story)

We both knew it was temporary, the relationship couldn’t last. Those nights you would come to my door begging to come in, I let you, of course, how could I not? I gave you a place to stay, and we would curl up on the couch together feeling each other’s warmth. You kept me company,…