I’m going to an awards ceremony

A few weeks ago I received a rather strange letter. I have been nominated for and award at the annual Sports and Arts Awards. So the awards ceremony is tonight and yet I still have no clue what award I’ve been nominated for, why I have been nominated for it, or who has nominated meContinue reading “I’m going to an awards ceremony”

Help. Need to know if this is good

On Saturday night we are going to my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and as per usual I have been roped into making a speach “on behalf of the grandchildren” it’s always me. So this is what I’ve written would you be so kind as to give me some feedback on it please? Cheers Colin AsContinue reading “Help. Need to know if this is good”

Writing groups. Are they helpful?

I have been trying to get back into my writing again recently. Getting time at the moment is really hard with taking care of the little one, she’s a full time job all on her own. I am not working just now and it’s really difficult to find a job right now, I can’t goContinue reading “Writing groups. Are they helpful?”

Time for a Revamp. And another milestone for someone

It’s been a semi-busy day, I have two days left at work (well one and a halfish now) and I have been hard at it as you can expect. I have taken the opportunity today to completely revamp the look of my blog. I was getting bored with the same old look and have decidedContinue reading “Time for a Revamp. And another milestone for someone”

Twitter account 

Hello there everybody,  Tonight I have taken the plunge into the big bad world of Twitter.  I don’t really know how to work it. I had an account before that I haven’t looked at for many many years and frankly I never really used it.  My new twitter handle, if that’s the right term, isContinue reading “Twitter account “