Ho Ho Fucking Ho!

Merry Christmas everybody, I hope you all had a good day and have been celebrating with your families or whomever you celebrate with. As for me well I have had a pretty shitty day. It all started last night (Christmas Eve) when the little one was getting ready to go to bed in anticipation forContinue reading “Ho Ho Fucking Ho!”

Two years? Where have they gone?

At 5:57 am on the 17th of December 2016 my life changed forever. That was the moment that my daughter Jessica was born and since then nothing has ever been the same. These pictures were taken when she was two hour old. And I’ll be honest she broke me. I’ve said this before she wasContinue reading “Two years? Where have they gone?”

Where do I go from here?

I need to get back into doing this blog more regularly but I’ve had no inspiration to write anything. I’ve tried writing but nothing is coming out, and it’s really starting to annoy me. Don’t get me wrong I have ideas I just go blank when I try to put pen to paper. I knowContinue reading “Where do I go from here?”

One of the problems I live with.

I have to get this off my chest, this is something that happened a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t going to post anything about it but a thread on twitter brought it back to my mind and I felt I should put it on here so that I can get it off ofContinue reading “One of the problems I live with.”

We interrupt your scrolling to bring you some Breaking News.

In a shocking turn of events, that will shock absolutely nobody, it turns out that I am a complete and utter pushover when it comes to my daughter. Tonight, we had to go shopping to buy a new litter tray for the cats as the wife broke the last one. We went to a shopContinue reading “We interrupt your scrolling to bring you some Breaking News.”


Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve put anything on here. I have been dealing with a fair few issues recently, professionally, personally and health-related so I haven’t had the energy or the motivation to post anything here on WordPress. I will try and pull my thoughts together into some sort of coherent rambling inContinue reading “Hi”

How can I stop the bad dreams?

It’s 2.25am I’m sitting on the couch because I’ve just been woken up by the little one screaming her heart out. She was sleeping peacefully then boom. I don’t know why? She seems to be in pain but nothing is hurting her. This is happening a lot and all I can think is that sheContinue reading “How can I stop the bad dreams?”

Hey, It’s been a while

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here. to be honest I have been thinking about giving up the blog. I haven’t had much time to put anything on here or had anything to say really. So, I don’t know if I will continue with this or not, I’m pretty sureContinue reading “Hey, It’s been a while”

Today has been rough.

The last 24 hours have been somewhat challenging. It started off yesterday with it trying to snow, there have been weather warnings for the past few days saying that there is a cold front coming in from Russia that is going to be causing problems in the near future. So, this was it at aboutContinue reading “Today has been rough.”

Day out to the Lego Store

Today was fun, as we had nothing today decided to jump in the car and go through to Glasgow for a day out. There were two reasons that we decided to go to Glasgow. Reason One: Hadn’t taken the little one through there yet Reason Two: I wanted to go to the Lego Store. ItContinue reading “Day out to the Lego Store”

I am slowly conquering the world.

I was creeping about my stats just now and I got to thinking about something that my good friend Cyranny said before on her excellent blog The Cove. (if you haven’t dropped by the cove I recommend you do because you will always find a warm welcome and a good laugh along with some incredibleContinue reading “I am slowly conquering the world.”

It has been a trying day.

And here we are entering the home stretch I have now been awake for around 37ish hours. Last night I got to bed and had been asleep for about an hour when all of a sudden, the little one started choking. I ran got her out of bed picked her up, and she vomited allContinue reading “It has been a trying day.”

Today’s Milestones

Today has been an unexpected day for milestones. First off, my post that I posted was my 400th post! WOO HOO Two years ago when I started this blog I had no idea I would still be here 400 posts later. Looking back at my first post to now I have changed a lot inContinue reading “Today’s Milestones”

This is me

Last night I went to the cinema with the wife to see The Greatest Showman. If you haven’t seen it or heard of it, it is the story of how P.T. Barnum set up the circus. Now based on what I have gleaned about the man himself before seeing the film it is, I haveContinue reading “This is me”

Why does this child hate sleep? I love sleep.

It was fun while it lasted. One night. Only one night that’s all I get. One full night’s sleep. That’s, apparently, now all that I’m allowed to get. I think I’ve had two hours sleep. As I write this it is currently 04.55 and we have been up since 3am. Midget started crying I pickedContinue reading “Why does this child hate sleep? I love sleep.”

One small step….

So last night I said that I was going to try and post more on here than I have been. Now while as per usual I haven’t had time to write anything I do have something to report. Tragically the little one is still sick with an ear infection and is fighting us every timeContinue reading “One small step….”

Trick or Treat 

Pumpkin lanterns and trick or treat, Small children wandering round the streets, Wearing costumes Cute and Scary, Running from parents trying to be wary, For kids in costumes are all that’s on the prowl, Ghosts and Goblins are out on the town, Trying to steal the innocent and take them away, The monsters lurk inContinue reading “Trick or Treat “

Sigh. Here we are again. 

Sunday night / Monday morning 1am It happened again I was sitting here quite happily watching random stuff on YouTube, replying to comments on here, emailing friends, chatting on discord. Then I decide to go to bed. The wife and the monster have been in bed and sleeping for a good few hours leaving meContinue reading “Sigh. Here we are again. “

The hell is a Cruffin?

A day in the life. Today we went jumped in the car and went through to a crappy little shopping centre that you can literally Circle in 10 minutes. It’s tiny and there isn’t much there. So we wandered around the shops a few times then we met with one of my friends had aContinue reading “The hell is a Cruffin?”

Things not to do

Number 1: When someone is having a bad day or a rant do not, I repeat, DO NOT, tell that person to “chill” all you are going to do by saying this is make them even angrier. Number 2: When someone is talking to you and saying about something that they are struggling with doContinue reading “Things not to do”

This is a personal post

Before you read this post, I want to say that this isn’t my usual fun post, it’s not a story, poem or anything irreverent. It is an intensely personal post about something that I have to get off my chest, its something that has been bothering me for a while and today it has comeContinue reading “This is a personal post”

She speak…. Again

Well today it happened, as many of many of you know I am currently not working and I am full-time. Stay at home dad. The little one has been good today but it’s a real struggle to keep her still when trying to dress her or change her nappy. She almost flipped off the sideContinue reading “She speak…. Again”

She Speaks

After weeks of trying, weeks of training, weeks of manipulation today my little girl said her first word I have been talking to her for weeks trying to get her to say “Dad” or “Da Da” and today she finally did it she said her first word. And it was… Mum. I mean come onContinue reading “She Speaks”

I’ve been cooking.

Today I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen. This morning I got up, the wife had already dressed and fed the baby, we took the wife to work then I had to go to B&Q to buy some wood glue so that I can get the little one’s cot built over theContinue reading “I’ve been cooking.”

Saturday Night. 

I remember when a Saturday night was big deal. You would go out with friends, have something to eat then go out drinking and not get home until the wee hours of the morning.  Some times sober some times not  Or the other option would be to be working.  I’ve never been a big drinkerContinue reading “Saturday Night. “

First Father’s Day 

Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there.  This is my first one as a dad and I got this from my beautiful baby girl  I love the wee bear and I know that she will end up adopting him but right now it’s made me so happy.  Much better than a bottle of aftershave  IContinue reading “First Father’s Day “

Six months have gone by so fast

Today has been a big day, I know I’ve said that a lot recently but it doesn’t make it any less right. As of today 17-06-2017, my little baby girl Jessica is now a full Six Months old. Where has the time gone? It feels like only yesterday that the wife shouted me through toContinue reading “Six months have gone by so fast”

I survived

Today was a challenging day. As I have said for the last week I have been suffering from severe back pain. To the point that I have barely been able to move more than five feet or stand up without excruciating pain. The pain killers that the doctor has had me on have been knockingContinue reading “I survived”

This speaks Volumes

I’ve been wondering a lot recently about what I am doing to with my life.  I don’t know my place in the world anymore and I’m not that same person I was.  Watching an old episode of The Simpsons earlier this spoke volumes to me   I may not know what I’m doing but I know whyContinue reading “This speaks Volumes”

Overwhelming guilt 

I made a huge mistake today and the guilt is eating me up.  I was trying to cut the little ones nails and she moved and I took a huge chunk out of her thumb. The blood went everywhere and she was screaming. I have never panicked as much in my life. I feel soContinue reading “Overwhelming guilt “

It’s happened again.

 Today has been a horrible day.  Back in November I threw my back out and could barley move.  Well yesterday it started getting sore again and low and behold this morning at 5:30am, after probably an hour and a half sleep,  I had to get up to go to the loo and it took meContinue reading “It’s happened again.”

Sitting up and laughing 

The last few days have been busy for me, on Thursday I had my last day at work, I was made redundant and will be out for a few weeks so I get to spend a lot of time with my daughter and generally relaxing for a while.  Thank god.  Yesterday we were been playingContinue reading “Sitting up and laughing “

Time for a Revamp. And another milestone for someone

It’s been a semi-busy day, I have two days left at work (well one and a halfish now) and I have been hard at it as you can expect. I have taken the opportunity today to completely revamp the look of my blog. I was getting bored with the same old look and have decidedContinue reading “Time for a Revamp. And another milestone for someone”


My daughter is now four months old and it has been a long four months, honestly, it feels like it has been so much longer than that. Her favourite thing that she has, apart from me that is, is her blanket, it is just a normal blanket except it has a bears head on theContinue reading “Blankets,”

Opinions needed please ☺️

Ok so I’ve been on a bit of a Harry Potter binge recently. I have just finished listening to the audio books, read by the great Stephen Fry, and now I’m watching the films.  They are fantastic books and I will be reading then to my daughter when she’s older  Now here is my question.Continue reading “Opinions needed please ☺️”

My Daughter hates me

I feel so completely useless, and I think my daughter hates me. Over the last few days she hasn’t been feeling well, took her to the doctors yesterday, and she has a viral stomach bug, because she is only five weeks old, they can’t give her anything. Due to this, she hasn’t been keeping anythingContinue reading “My Daughter hates me”


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a world-class geek. I love all kinds of Sci-Fi.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar, Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Marvel Films, Buffy, Angel, Firefly (basically anything by Joss Whedon) the list goes on and on. So with this in mind, I have already started the process of Geekifacation ofContinue reading “Geekifacation”