The Rain Comes Down

The rain comes down, Soaking the ground, We sit there watching it fall, Wondering what to do next, Looking over at you I see the sadness in your soul, I feel the depths of what’s been tormenting you, I’d give everything I have to take the pain away, You look up at me, blinking theContinue reading “The Rain Comes Down”

All Good Things….. (The Nurse Part Two)

[This is a follow-up to one of my first stories, The Nurse, it picks up about six months after the events of that story. I wanted to return to these characters to see what happened to them since that meeting which was hot and intense. This is what happened next. On a side note, thisContinue reading “All Good Things….. (The Nurse Part Two)”

Finally Together (and post 100) 

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You wake up in the morning to a knocking at your front door. You look at your watch and see that it is 7.30 am. You think to yourself if you ignore it they will go away, but the knocking continues. You drag yourself out of bed complaining…

Journyes End – Deleted Chapter

[As many of you know, I am in the process of writing and trying to publish my novel. (I have posted the first four chapters on here already 1 2 3 4) While going through the rewrite of it, i have had to remove this chapter. It is rather intesnse Sex Scene but it justContinue reading “Journyes End – Deleted Chapter”