It’s happening again, not sure if i can do it this time.

It is starting again. I can feel all the insecurities the paranoia, the anxiety and it all flooding back. Why, oh why did I go back to working in a call centre? I had a really bad call today at work this guy called up complaining about his bill. I kept trying to explain toContinue reading “It’s happening again, not sure if i can do it this time.”

I’m just talking about Star Wars.

Hello there, The correct response to this greeting is “Ah, General Kenobi” So, as you can probably guess, I have been watching a lot of Star Wars recently. Not so much the films, but the shows. I have just finished The Mandalorian and I am currently making my way through The Clone Wars and itContinue reading “I’m just talking about Star Wars.”

Ho Ho Fucking Ho!

Merry Christmas everybody, I hope you all had a good day and have been celebrating with your families or whomever you celebrate with. As for me well I have had a pretty shitty day. It all started last night (Christmas Eve) when the little one was getting ready to go to bed in anticipation forContinue reading “Ho Ho Fucking Ho!”

Update on life, Christmas is cancelled

Its been a while, I have been severely lax in updating this blog this last year and it is something that annoys me, I have said before that I haven’t had any inspiration to write recently and that’s true. But that’s not what I’m doing today this is just going to be a rambley updateContinue reading “Update on life, Christmas is cancelled”

We interrupt your scrolling to bring you some Breaking News.

In a shocking turn of events, that will shock absolutely nobody, it turns out that I am a complete and utter pushover when it comes to my daughter. Tonight, we had to go shopping to buy a new litter tray for the cats as the wife broke the last one. We went to a shopContinue reading “We interrupt your scrolling to bring you some Breaking News.”

Let’s get back to basics.

Hello everyone, Hope you are having a good Sunday. I am looking for some inspiration. I really want to get back to writing again but I have not got any idea of what I could write about, I have got nothing going on in-between the old ears (no need to make a joke of thatContinue reading “Let’s get back to basics.”

I really should listen to myself.

Why can’t I take my own advice? I mean seriously I am such a bloody idiot. The post I made a few days ago, inspired by an excellent yet weird drawing by Kira Scribbles, was all about not dwelling on the past, not looking back at what we can’t have, of what we have lost.Continue reading “I really should listen to myself.”

Dwelling on the past.

Everyone wants something. It could be money, food, power, love or even sex. We long for what we can’t have, we long for what we have lost, we worry about what may come. There is no pain greater than the loss of love, except that of what could have been. It may be a clichéContinue reading “Dwelling on the past.”

I can never thank you enough.

Last week I put up a post that I wasn’t even sure I was actually going to post. I was asking for some help as I am really struggling in life right now and the response I got was overwhelming. You are all far too kind and generous and I don’t deserve to have suchContinue reading “I can never thank you enough.”

Oh I hate being in this position.

I never thought I would ever, in my life, write a post like this. As I am writing this I’m not even sure if I will post it or not I actually hate myself a little for even thinking about this but here goes.   As anyone who has even so much as glanced atContinue reading “Oh I hate being in this position.”

I’ll be brief

Things have been a bit rough recently. I’ve been dealing with some issues in my life and I haven’t really had a lot of time or motivation to write anything. So, here’s what has been happening. I’ll keep this brief. I’ve been trying to pass my theory test so that I can progress with myContinue reading “I’ll be brief”


Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve put anything on here. I have been dealing with a fair few issues recently, professionally, personally and health-related so I haven’t had the energy or the motivation to post anything here on WordPress. I will try and pull my thoughts together into some sort of coherent rambling inContinue reading “Hi”

Hey, It’s been a while

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here. to be honest I have been thinking about giving up the blog. I haven’t had much time to put anything on here or had anything to say really. So, I don’t know if I will continue with this or not, I’m pretty sureContinue reading “Hey, It’s been a while”

Something on my mind

When I was eighteen I went away to work for the summer in London. I was working on the rods doing traffic management. I was away for the summer, made decent money and had a good time. I came back on the 31st of July that summer I was meant to come back on theContinue reading “Something on my mind”


Evening folks, As promised earlier its time for a rant. This afternoon I was scrolling through twitter and I came across a link to this article.   Here is the Full article I read it and through “oh for fuck sake this is just ridiculous” then I kept scrolling through the thread and I cameContinue reading “I AM NOT A FUCKING MILLENNIAL!”

Adulting Is Hard

Well, today was an odd day. I spent the day with the little one as she wasn’t at the childminders today so got up and made her and myself French Toast for breakfast and it was good. Then after playing for an hour or so she fell asleep face down on the carpet. “YAY,” IContinue reading “Adulting Is Hard”

The Package

It had been a long day and all Luke wanted to do was go home, have a hot shower and then collapse in front of the tv and watch a good film. Work had been hellish dealing he had to deal with all of the angry customers today in the shop and one of themContinue reading “The Package”

Looking for a challenge

Hey everyone, I haven’t been really in the headspace recently for writing, and I want to try to get back into the swing of things. With that thought, I am looking for your help. If you would be so kind and are up for helping me I have a request. In the comments below canContinue reading “Looking for a challenge”

New Challenge

I am going to try a new thing tonight I am going to start writing for ten minutes straight with no clue what I am about to say just whatever my fingers decide to say.   And the ten minutes start NOW: Apparently today has been national unicorn day?? Who knew that was a thingContinue reading “New Challenge”

Fancy a coffee?

I have decided to make some changes in my life, I have written about this before and anyone who’s read my post knows that to spend more time with my daughter and get some semblance of sanity back I am going to train to become a driving instructor. It’s going to be a long processContinue reading “Fancy a coffee?”

Closing the Door [poem]

When you close the door on the past, You move forward to the future, You never know how long the peace will last, Closing the door is hard, Letting go of what you thought was your true path, Part of that path will always linger, Wondering what could have been, But the future isn’t set,Continue reading “Closing the Door [poem]”

It’s official, I am Unemployable

Hey folks, it has been nearly two weeks since I have posted anything, so I wanted to do a quick update. Its been a rough week or so, I have had to face a few home truths and realisations on things. The first being that I had an interview for a job that I didn’tContinue reading “It’s official, I am Unemployable”

Taking the plunge

As some of you know I’ve been working on a Sci-Fi adventure novel set in the aftermath of an alien invasion and is about one man’s quest to to travel across the world to save the one person left alive that he cares about and save her from the aliens holding her captive. I’ve beenContinue reading “Taking the plunge”

Today has been rough.

The last 24 hours have been somewhat challenging. It started off yesterday with it trying to snow, there have been weather warnings for the past few days saying that there is a cold front coming in from Russia that is going to be causing problems in the near future. So, this was it at aboutContinue reading “Today has been rough.”

End of my rope, I don’t know what to do anymore.

I feel like I am at the end of my rope. I have been out of work now for ten months and its starting to get to me. Not so much the not working part but it’s the constant rejections that I keep getting. I can’t count the number of emails I have received overContinue reading “End of my rope, I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Looking for Beta Readers

I am looking for Beta Readers to help me with my novel. I have finished it and now i am looking for people to help me give it a polish and get some feedback on it. Ideal I would be looking for people with experience in writing and editing, or anyonw open to a Sci-FiContinue reading “Looking for Beta Readers”

Day out to the Lego Store

Today was fun, as we had nothing today decided to jump in the car and go through to Glasgow for a day out. There were two reasons that we decided to go to Glasgow. Reason One: Hadn’t taken the little one through there yet Reason Two: I wanted to go to the Lego Store. ItContinue reading “Day out to the Lego Store”

Soaring through the Astral Plane [Poem]

Floating through the astral plane, Fleeting thoughts run through my mind, The freeing feeling lets me forget my pain, Letting me leave my past behind. Soaring over the landscape below, Rushing towards the horizon ahead, I can see the face of the one I know, Sitting bolt upright in bed, I now know where IContinue reading “Soaring through the Astral Plane [Poem]”

Mystery Blogger Award…

Back on the 12th of January, I was nominated for this award by the fantastically talented and wonderful person that is Cyranny. My teeny tiny Canadian friend. It may have taken me a while to actually get round to this (22nd of February) whoops, sorry about that my friend so here is my eternal thanksContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award…”

Stupid Technology

For a while now I have been having problems with my phone. For some reason it hasn’t been charging, the charging cable would not stay in the phone, it would keep falling out. If I didn’t balance it just right at night, I would wake up to a phone that hadn’t charged. As you canContinue reading “Stupid Technology”

What is Love?

Love is caring, Love is talking, Love is loss, Love is kind, Love is unyielding, Love is constant, Love is a promise, Love never leaves you, Love touches your soul, But most of all, Love makes life worth living, And Love is pain, Love lets you know that you are alive.

Update on life

A few weeks ago, I posted on here that not only have I been out of work since May, and my wife got made redundant at the beginning of January, the company she worked for went into administration. Leaving us up shit creek without a paddle. I had to make a compromise with a promiseContinue reading “Update on life”

I am slowly conquering the world.

I was creeping about my stats just now and I got to thinking about something that my good friend Cyranny said before on her excellent blog The Cove. (if you haven’t dropped by the cove I recommend you do because you will always find a warm welcome and a good laugh along with some incredibleContinue reading “I am slowly conquering the world.”

Google Images Shock.

Earlier on the wife was on the phone with her cousin, who is getting married next year, and they were asking about when we got married how much the venue was. Off the top of my head, I couldn’t remember the exact price, so I pulled up the website to check out what the pricesContinue reading “Google Images Shock.”

“Reviews” [Rant]

Hey folks, its rant time again. Today while I was roaming around on here, and I came across a post describing a “review” of a book that I have read in the last two years and loved Ready Player One. If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend it. It is full of geekyContinue reading ““Reviews” [Rant]”

Goodnight, We love you.

When I was growing up one of my favourite tv shows was Frasier, so it was upsetting to see the news at the beginning of the week that John Mahoney, who played Martin Crane, died on Sunday. Over the last few years there have been a lot of celebrity deaths, but this is the onlyContinue reading “Goodnight, We love you.”

It’s been a long weekend :(

On Friday I posted that it has been a rough day, with the little one being sick. She seemed to be on the mend yesterday which was good. But now I can really sympathise with her as she has passed it on to me. Last night we nipped down to the shops to get breadContinue reading “It’s been a long weekend :(“

It has been a trying day.

And here we are entering the home stretch I have now been awake for around 37ish hours. Last night I got to bed and had been asleep for about an hour when all of a sudden, the little one started choking. I ran got her out of bed picked her up, and she vomited allContinue reading “It has been a trying day.”

I’ll remember this [RANT]

Hey folks, it’s that time again, its time for another rant! It always amazes me how people can be so forgetful of what you have done for them. You do what you can to help them in a bad place when everyone else has abandoned them when you are the only one left that talksContinue reading “I’ll remember this [RANT]”

Today’s Milestones

Today has been an unexpected day for milestones. First off, my post that I posted was my 400th post! WOO HOO Two years ago when I started this blog I had no idea I would still be here 400 posts later. Looking back at my first post to now I have changed a lot inContinue reading “Today’s Milestones”

Missing from my core. [Poem]

There is an emptiness in my soul, There is a pain I haven’t felt before, A cavity that cannot be filled, How do I get over the loss? Where do I go from here? How can I wait for the time, The time that it will come back into my life? I cannot bear thisContinue reading “Missing from my core. [Poem]”

This is me

Last night I went to the cinema with the wife to see The Greatest Showman. If you haven’t seen it or heard of it, it is the story of how P.T. Barnum set up the circus. Now based on what I have gleaned about the man himself before seeing the film it is, I haveContinue reading “This is me”

Finding new music

Last night I was having a chat with some friends of mine on Discord. We had a voice chat open as one of my friends and his wife were doing an online gig. Now these two are incredibly talented and I hope to high hell that they make it big one day. You should allContinue reading “Finding new music”

One small step….

So last night I said that I was going to try and post more on here than I have been. Now while as per usual I haven’t had time to write anything I do have something to report. Tragically the little one is still sick with an ear infection and is fighting us every timeContinue reading “One small step….”


Hey folks, how have you all been? I am back from a sort of unintended break, I posted what my year has been like so far in 2018 and its been pretty shity year so far. But in an update to that, I can report that I have two interviews next week, and those areContinue reading “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!”

Better to Live Heartbroken than Heartless (poem)[I think]

Things have changed, My life is different, You are the reason I stayed the course, I will never forget the impact you made in my life, You were my first true love, The memories we made still make me smile, It has taken a long time, But those memories no longer break my heart, IContinue reading “Better to Live Heartbroken than Heartless (poem)[I think]”

2018, An update on the year so far.

Well here we are, two weeks into 2018 and it already has been a very challenging year. It started off same as any other year except that I was sick as a dog, had the sickness and diarrhoea bug that was going about so I felt awful. To top that off the little one wasContinue reading “2018, An update on the year so far.”

It’s a weird thing to miss. 

You know I haven’t really thought about this before, until tonight. I stopped smoking back in May when I lost my job and I have been using a vape since then And tonight I realised the one thing I really miss about smoking I miss the Angry Cigarette. When having an argument you can angrilyContinue reading “It’s a weird thing to miss. “

Someone To Lava

I have been busy with life, I got a job and have been working and taking care of the little monster (it’s nearly her first birthday *gulp*) so things have been hectic, and I haven’t had a lot of time to post anything on here. Over the last few nights the little one has hadContinue reading “Someone To Lava”

Inspirational Bloggers Award

I have decided to create this Inspirational Bloggers Award to celebrate and promote some of the bloggers that I follow and love their blogs. They are people who continually surprise me with their innovation, creativity, sense of humour and insane talent. These are people that I feel need to be celebrated, so I want toContinue reading “Inspirational Bloggers Award”

Where am I going? 

I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know where I’ve been, There is a freedom in not knowing, But it’s murky with the past unseen, I could be heading for trouble, I could he heading for glory, Will I emerge from beneath the rubble? Well, that’s another story.

Fifteen years, has it really been that long?

Today is the 6th of October, today is a day to remember for me. Today is my Grandad’s birthday.     He was a great man who had a considerable influence on my life he died fifteen years ago on the 31st of July 2002 if he were still alive he would have been 98Continue reading “Fifteen years, has it really been that long?”

Always stuck in second gear

So no one told you life was going to be this way. Your jobs a joke, your broke, your love life’s DOA, It’s like your always stuck in second gear, When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year. Everyone knows these words. I was watching an episode of friendsContinue reading “Always stuck in second gear”

The hell is a Cruffin?

A day in the life. Today we went jumped in the car and went through to a crappy little shopping centre that you can literally Circle in 10 minutes. It’s tiny and there isn’t much there. So we wandered around the shops a few times then we met with one of my friends had aContinue reading “The hell is a Cruffin?”

Just out of reach (50-word story)

“If I can make it to the bridge I’ll be safe” he pants. The sound of horses coming up from behind getting louder. He can see the bridge is in sight, safety is in reach. The horde gets closer to him, and just as he lunges, the sword decapitates him.

This is a true and slightly disturbing story

This is a true story and happened to me about ten or twelve years ago when I was out in Edinburgh for a night out, and I was rather drunk. It was about 1 am, and I was heading for the bus to go home, when I was walking towards the bus stop I metContinue reading “This is a true and slightly disturbing story”


Let’s talk about fear. Tonight, I started a writing course that my wife bought for me on Groupon a few months ago. I have been trying to get back into writing properly, so I thought id boot it up and have a go. The first section is about Genres, and it came up with anContinue reading “Fear”

Things not to do

Number 1: When someone is having a bad day or a rant do not, I repeat, DO NOT, tell that person to “chill” all you are going to do by saying this is make them even angrier. Number 2: When someone is talking to you and saying about something that they are struggling with doContinue reading “Things not to do”

Tales from the Call Centre (Commenters Edition)

A while ago I put out a request for stories from anyone who has worked in customer service and Cyranny was kind enough to send me about ten common traits so here they are for your enjoyment. Colin started this a little while back, and I was looking for my best call centre stories… HavingContinue reading “Tales from the Call Centre (Commenters Edition)”

Crushing Your Dreams 

Running for our lives, We make our way around the track, Just as we hit our stride, We take the time to glance back, The finish line is in sight, There is nothing in our way, It’s a Peculiar feeling, We are about to win, When the fucking blue shell, Blows our chances to hell.

Messed up dreams

My head is messed up. Recently I haven’t been sleeping well, tossing and turning, waking up every hour or so and that’s not just when my little monster is wanting to be fed in the middle of the night. And then there are the dreams. I have been having some really messed up dreams latelyContinue reading “Messed up dreams”

The Wizerding World, and my place in it

Over the last few days, I have been trying to find things to keep me occupied when the little one is away at the childminders. (being unemployed sucks) So one of the things I found yesterday was the website Pottermore, which is the site run by JK Rowling and is all about the Wizarding worldContinue reading “The Wizerding World, and my place in it”

Writing Group.

A few weeks ago, I put up a post about Writing groups and asking if they were any good. Last night I took the chance and went along to one. It was a strange experience, and I am not 100% sure if I am going to stick it out, but I went along to seeContinue reading “Writing Group.”

Pfft… I hate the neighbours

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I just had to call the police. I was sitting here quite happily having a cup of tea watching random things on YouTube when all of a sudden there was a lot of banging and shouting coming from next door. It sounded like there were about ten people in there trying to kill eachContinue reading “Pfft… I hate the neighbours”

Good News….. It’s Time For A Rant!

Good morning everyone, I’m going to have a rant, so apologies for this but I have come across something that has really pissed me off today.   There will be swearing, you have been warned.   I was randomly watching videos on YouTube, and I came across a documentary about “Gaming Addiction” which, in myContinue reading “Good News….. It’s Time For A Rant!”

This is a personal post

Before you read this post, I want to say that this isn’t my usual fun post, it’s not a story, poem or anything irreverent. It is an intensely personal post about something that I have to get off my chest, its something that has been bothering me for a while and today it has comeContinue reading “This is a personal post”

Things not to say…

About a year ago I had a made a few posts on here called “Things not to say to your pregnant wife.” it was a short lived thing of the stupid things that I said to my wife when she was pregnant. this was before I learned to keep my mouth shut and not sayContinue reading “Things not to say…”

Music that describes your life

Hello everybody, Ok so there is a website/app that I use on a daily basis (other than WordPress of course), and tonight I was a little bit bored, so I posted this Now through all of the usual crap that you would expect to crop up, there was one gem of a question that reallyContinue reading “Music that describes your life”

I will try to fix you

I have a feeling things will be coming to an end soon, I know things will be hard for a while, Don’t worry you know I’m here staring up at the same moon, It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, I’m always ready to go the extra mile, You know some of the things thatContinue reading “I will try to fix you”


Well, that was unexpected. I started this blog over a year and a half ago, I never really thought I would get very far with it. As I have said before it was just a place for me to post some stories that I had written without them being heavily censored. I never thought thatContinue reading “300”

First Love

When you look back on your first love, what do you think? Sometimes the memories hurt, sometimes they are good, it all depends on how it ended. Sometimes you misremember things making them seem worse or better which ever it is the other half may end up being foggy in your memory. This is somethingContinue reading “First Love”

I’ve been cooking.

Today I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen. This morning I got up, the wife had already dressed and fed the baby, we took the wife to work then I had to go to B&Q to buy some wood glue so that I can get the little one’s cot built over theContinue reading “I’ve been cooking.”

Losing myself.

I’ve been trying for weeks to write something, but I just don’t have it in me at all just now. It seems that whatever skill I had for writing is dormant at the moment. It’s still in there somewhere because I have still been getting ideas of things I would like to write, but whenContinue reading “Losing myself.”

What becomes of the broken-hearted Who had love that’s now departed?

  What becomes of the broken-hearted Who had love that’s now departed? I know I’ve got to find Some kind of peace of mind Help me  I am fairly sure eveyone knows this song and it got me thinking How many people have had their heartbroken? This is a serious question, I’m pretty sure thatContinue reading “What becomes of the broken-hearted Who had love that’s now departed?”

What the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has to say on the subject of the most evil beings in the universe. 

I may have mentioned before that I am a big reader, when I have the time, I am also a big Sci Fi fan. So the best combination of Sci-Fi comedy and reading comes from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. But have you ever wondered what the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has toContinue reading “What the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has to say on the subject of the most evil beings in the universe. “

I’m inside my head again and its rambling in there again

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently about who I am now, it’s a tough question a lot has changed not only in the last six months but in the last few years. I am not the same person I was back then, but in part I am, and in part, I’m not. DueContinue reading “I’m inside my head again and its rambling in there again”

Life never works how you think

Life never works out the way you planned it. When I was younger, I was completely useless with most things I never really figured out where I fit in in life. I was always the outsider, I never belonged to any particular group I floated around, I would talk to everyone, but for the mostContinue reading “Life never works how you think”

Six months have gone by so fast

Today has been a big day, I know I’ve said that a lot recently but it doesn’t make it any less right. As of today 17-06-2017, my little baby girl Jessica is now a full Six Months old. Where has the time gone? It feels like only yesterday that the wife shouted me through toContinue reading “Six months have gone by so fast”


I have said before that I am currently out of work and I am applying for jobs.  Today I came across an advert for well paying job that seems right up my ally so I have submitted my application for this position.  But the one thing that struck me about the job advert was thatContinue reading “Professionalism  “

200th post

Well, then that was quick. Just four months ago I posted my 100th post, and here we are now on post 200, my god I must talk a load of crap. I honestly never thought I would get this far and I am truly humbled by the response that I have gotten from everyone onContinue reading “200th post”

Time for a Revamp. And another milestone for someone

It’s been a semi-busy day, I have two days left at work (well one and a halfish now) and I have been hard at it as you can expect. I have taken the opportunity today to completely revamp the look of my blog. I was getting bored with the same old look and have decidedContinue reading “Time for a Revamp. And another milestone for someone”

Weird place

I was looking at my stats this morning, and it’s been a slow day so far the only views I have had are from Austraila, so on the map, it is showing a close up of the country, and I was reminded of something I first saw a few years ago   Austraila is aContinue reading “Weird place”

Where to go next?

I might be on the cusp of getting my first book published and it has got me thinking about a sequel. When I finished the first novel I did start a follow up to it but I have changed it so much since then that it no longer fits with the original story. So IContinue reading “Where to go next?”

Slight Rant: Piracy

Yesterday I took the wife to the cinema to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 while my mum watched the little one, who spent most of the day screaming poor thing. Now the film was great I loved it, and if you get the chance to go and see it you should, Baby GrootContinue reading “Slight Rant: Piracy”


I have said it before, and I will say it again I am absolutely bloody knackered. For the last, I think, six weeks, it could be more it could be less I can’t remember anymore. I have been working six days a week ten hours each day and I am shattered, it is hard workContinue reading “Knackered”

There could be good news coming

My last couple of posts have been about the fact that I am really struggling with my writing just now and that I have had no motivation, ideas or anything to do it. I was about ready to give up on the whole idea. Well today I received this email from the publishers that IContinue reading “There could be good news coming”

I’m just done

I am thinking about giving up. Recently I have had no motivation to write, I have had no time to do it, and everything I have tried to write has been garbage. It is feeling forced and like I’m not enjoying it anymore. Writing used to be an escape for me, a way to dealContinue reading “I’m just done”

How I Write

There are many different styles of writing, I have my own style as does everyone else. Trying to figure out your own style is the first rung to start climbing that ladder. Everyone will tell you the ideal way to write and what to do to make it flow properly, but unless you are aContinue reading “How I Write”

A Writing Challenge

Good afternoon my happy people, I hope you are all doing well. I have come up with a Challenge for all the writers out there. I want to see how many people would be up to the challenge. So I came up with this today when I was sitting googling random facts. I started offContinue reading “A Writing Challenge”

Law = Dumbledore?

This isn’t the typical kind of post I would do, but I wanted to write about this. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Loved the Books and the Films are good. I’ve been on the Studio Tour, and that was awesome, and I loved Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them I’ve been atContinue reading “Law = Dumbledore?”

My Talent is gone Daily Post: Unravel

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days. For some reason, I seem to have lost whatever minuscule talent I ever had for writing. I’ve been trying to write something, anything for a few weeks and everything that is coming out is utter trash. I have to try and add aboutContinue reading “My Talent is gone Daily Post: Unravel”

Outlier….. Daily Prompt

Todays daily prompt reminded me of a story idea I came up with years ago but never followed through with, I think I might have to look at it now this is the basic idea I’m an Outlier in the worst possible place to be one, I’m an Outlier in Hell. Not sure if IContinue reading “Outlier….. Daily Prompt”

Trying to get back on track, beating Writer’s Block

Hello my lovely readers, I am in a bit of a quandary, I have been trying to get back into the swing of writing again, and I’m having a little bit of trouble. It has been over 5 months since I have written any erotic stories that I have in the past been able toContinue reading “Trying to get back on track, beating Writer’s Block”

Beta Readers wanted.

I am looking for three or four Beta Readers to help me with my novel. Ideal I would be looking for someone with experience in writing and editing to read over my manuscript and check for any errors and plot holes. If you are interested contact me and let me know if this is somethingContinue reading “Beta Readers wanted.”

I don’t know how much more I can take (Daily Prompt: Instinct)

Life is hard. It’s a simple as that, life is hard. Recently I’ve had a few rants on here, and yes this is another one, so I apologise in advance for that. I’ve been having a hard time, work is kicking my ass, I have four moths worth of work to get through in threeContinue reading “I don’t know how much more I can take (Daily Prompt: Instinct)”

Spring Writing Event…. DEADLINE EXTENDED 

For the writing event I have only had two entries so far so I have decided to extend the deadline by one week until the 19th of March incase anyone else wants to submit a story. Rules are below.  The theme for this one as it is the first one that I wanted to doContinue reading “Spring Writing Event…. DEADLINE EXTENDED “